Overview of Semester 2 Shambala Warrior in Action Applying Engaged Buddhism for Social Change

Buddhist Leadership Training Programme
Towards a New Paradigm of Spiritual Growth for Ecology, Sustainability and Social Justice

Overview of Semester 2 Shambala Warrior in Action Applying Engaged Buddhism for Social Change   
 5 December 2016 to 4 March 2017     

 This semester we will focus more on the practical application of socially engaged Buddhist principles in the reality of the present society.   We will start with exploring the Engaged Buddhist movement of the three main Buddhist schools Theravada, Mahayana and Vajaryana in different settings.   Then we reflect deeply on past and current reforms and revolutions around the world and consider important lessons learned for the Engaged Buddhist movement.   One highlight of the semester is the knowhow of empowering the marginalized in society so they can stand up with dignity on their own with a non-violent approach.   This is quite unknown to many Buddhists who for society and this module will deepen their work and address the root causes of the problem.   We are also including practical management knowledge and skills much needed for non-profit organizations.    The final module of the semester is the well-known ToT (in Asia) run under GLT/SEM/ETA for 20 years now called the Mindful Facilitation for Empowerment .   As for the inner work we still keep two modules one on self knowledge for leadership from within, the other is art therapy and how to cultivate intuition for leadership.   There are still some spaces left on all modules please apply for either the whole semester or individual module/s as early as possible by contacting: Jessica Armour  jessica.armour@gmail.com