IMG_0779(I) Learning how to unlearn, relearn & building a learning community (two weeks)

Our learning approach focuses on enhancing self-empowerment, critical self-awareness as well as critical thinking. Participants and facilitators co-create the body of knowledge together. We devote about two weeks to learning and practicing facilitation, critical and systematic thinking as well as qualitative research skills. After the first period, participants will use these skills throughout the course.

(II) Inner growth for awakening and leadership from within (Five weeks)

Participants will experience several inner journeys to discoverDSCF9762 aspects of inner cultivation. Starting with an introduction to meditation, the group will then move into a workshop focusing on Inner Path for Transformation. After these two workshops, other inner growth work such as Leadership with Presence (process work), Vision quest, neuroscience & mindfulness, Enneagram & archetypes will be included throughout the course including more meditation retreats from teachers of different schools. Meditation and mindfulness will also be part of the daily schedule during this course.

(III) Buddhist roots: our common ground (Two weeks plus two weeks of Study Trips)

Participants will learn about the essence of different schools of Buddhism. We will have an overview of the foundations of each school by qualified teachers in Thailand and abroad. We will also learn about various efforts by engaged Buddhists in different parts of the world. Our learning will not be confined just to campuses but will also visit and see what is happening in the real ‘Buddhist’ world of Southeast Asia. However, we will emphasize buddhism with a small ‘b’ e.g. the essence and the core values of Buddhism over the established Buddhist institutions of any schools.
The INEB Institute

(IV) Present Global Context: A Challenge to Contemporary Buddhists & Change Workers (Five weeks)

Humans and other living beings have been facing serious crises across the globe for decades: the increasing rate of natural disasters, ecological destruction, violent conflicts between nations and groups, poverty and hunger, loneliness and meaninglessness in modern life, etc. We need to understand and be able to holistically analyse the root causes of these crises both at the macro and micro levels. We will devote a number of workshops to this task covering cultural issues and paradigm shifts, ecology crisis and how to heal the planet and analysing the political economy, globally and locally. In treating these key issues we also look into alternatives; the positive initiatives and efforts for reform around the world in both the past and present. We also devote a workshop to examining and discussing Beauty and the Modern World in the context of the most poorly planned cities in Asia.

(V) Interpersonal dynamics: leadership with compassion and participation (Five weeks)

Participants will be learning skilful means that enhance interpersonal relationships such as compassion and power sharing as well as leadership issues. The first workshop will be early in the course in
order to build a community of learning so that participants will feel comfortable and safe in the process of participatory education within this programme. The other weeks will occur in the middle of the program so as to revisit and refine the theories and practices that are so important for the duration of the course and beyond. Nonviolent Communication, process work and conflict transformation will be part of this module. There will be a period for practical leadership training on mindful facilitation for empowerment.

(VI) Shambala Warriors in Action (Four weeks)

Several weeks of the course will be focused on learning practical skills that enhance participant’s ability to get seriously involved in social change work. The skills you will learn range from how to organise a small community so that they can empower themselves to improve their situation, to building a social movement that includes successful organizational and project management. We provide another two periods of work taking place in impoverished communities where your service will be meaningful. The main aim will be for you to understand and bear witness to the social realities of our present world situation. In short, this programme is designed to equip participants with the skills needed to be a bodhhisatva who can function meaningfully in the present global context