Those people in various leadership roles within Buddhist and social-change organizations, who want to train to be a ‘bodhisattva’ in the contemporary world e.g. seriously aspire to awaken oneself and serve others:

• Those who have been working and or leading Buddhist organisations for some years and need a break for reflection on the nature of life and society so that they can return to work rejuvenated.

• Those who work in non-profit organisations and other social change organisations who feel the need to do more self-cultivation and deep reflection on social issues.

• Those working for social change (both Buddhists and non-buddhists) who want to be less self-centred and gain unconditional confidence in themselves and their potential for promoting positive change in the world.

• Those who want to be mindful facilitators helping people to empower themselves.

• Those who want to positively change society and themselves simultaneously for more personal growth and a more sustainable, socially just future.

In other words, if you are seriously committed to core Buddhist values of wisdom, compassion, contentment, non-violence, and humility, this program can enhance you with knowledge, skills and cultivating of the heart. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to join as long as you agree with the core values mentioned above.